This time, with a fresh “Chapter II“, The Canyon Observer checked what’s going on in Austria, with additional stop in Germany. First three days meant three cool shows with new friends from I Not Dance. They really don’t dance, but they play very well. It was just awesome to meet those guys and of course play with them. The guys who organized the show at Venster99 were the best people to start the tour with. All bands played on the floor and there was quite a big audience. Ann and Pat was a nice stop and PMK was another great one – it’s a really nice club, with some amazing bands playing there.

Next weekend started in Berlin. There was no show, just some friends from Ljubljana, a trip to the abandoned amusement park and a good night rest for Forst, where the party really started. The evening ended with a naked guy on the stage and the next day the road seemed VERY long. Mukuku in a small town Kremsmunster was just a cool experience. With amazing audience that just fell in love with TCO. The Austrian trip finished with Graz and Lamdba – a local band with quite a potencial, but they just regrouped, so it was their second gig with the new drummer and a guitarist. Everything went well and TCO will visit Austria again. For sure!


8. 11. Venster 99, Wien (w. i not danceBurning Bright, Lorraine)
9. 11. Ann and Patt, Linz (w. i not dance)
10. 11. p.m.k, Innsbruck (w. i not dance, Lorraine)
16. 11 Buntes Haus Forst, Forst, DE! (w. A loop of mineKaapora)
17. 11. Jugendverein MuKuKu, Kremsmunster (w. Iron Heel, Eschaton, 00y 18)
18. 11. Sub, Graz (w. Lambda)