Don’t Forget It’s a Diesel!

As you might heard The Canyon Observer went on their first European tour to promote “Chapter I” and to see what’s going on in the big big world.
Here’s some words and photos by Mr. Krejzer who joined their trip.

First we went left – straight to Hell. Oups … No, first we went to Linz, which was a phenomenal first stop. Stadwerkstatt (whatever that means) is a great club with an elevator! Elevators are nice if the bass player has a box that weights 95 kilograms. That was always quite a topic, when we had to move the equipment. We met a cool stoner duo from Linz called Dirt Deflector and the night was pretty wild. There was about 40 people at the concert, who seemed to dig it and the night ended with an hour of driving to a hostel that was 15 minutes away.

From all this churches in Linz we went to Vienna. That should take us about 2 hours, but Gašper likes to experiment and he just had to try a mixture of gasoline and diesel.

After another few hours of drinking gasoline we finally arrived to EKH in Vienna, which is said to be the only squat in Austria. We met this cool french band Sugartown Cabaret (sorry we didn’t let you sleep guys) and had an amazing dinner + breakfast. Those guys (and girls) really know how to cook. The gig was ok, but Sunday and Easter bunnies took their toll. Anyway it was a good night and the start of our hand football championship. The guys decided to buy one for their practice plays and that a football table will be the most important thing in the rider for the next tour.

Btw: EKH is a 4 story buliding with some great graffiti etc.

Next stop was Brno and club Boro. As we hit the town we were pretty surprised by all the noise and music and we soon figured out there’s a big hockey match involving a team from Brno. And almost everything was closed because of the holidays … The gig was cool, but not as full as it could be, which is again the fault of the Easter bunnies mafia. That didn’t mean there was no fun. Remember hand football? Oh, and a pretty pissed guy taking us to his home. 🙂

After Brno (picture above) we went to Budapest. Szfera is a really small club and it got so crowded some people were even standing in the hall. We had a great night there with a bunch of cool organizers and some new fans that know some crazy drinks .

The band got so used to the crowd, that they … Well, see the picture below. 😉

After Budapest it was 4 days of Slovakia.  Some sightseeing …

Some music …

Some sleeping …

Some eating …

And 4 concerts. First stop was Trenčin. There was 10 people but they liked it! 😉 The guy who organized the gig is a big fan of Lvmen, but he now thinks we’re all dicks, as we just couldn’t open the doors of the hostel and he had to drive all the way back from his home to unlock them in a minute.  It happens … Next stop was Košice were we stayed for 3 days and drove to gigs (thanks to an amazing guy Mišo!). The first gig was in Colloseum, which is a BIG club. The guys played upstairs and there was really a lot of people.

The support group Dawn to Come was pretty cool and the organizers (it was their first gig!) were really satisfied.
Merch table was occupied and we’ll come back to Košice for sure. Here’s some nice pics.

People were asking us what will we do in Michalovce. And when we came there, we figured out what they were talking about. 🙂 A local band was playing rock covers and people were just sitting in the corner. Anyway TCO played like there’s a full club and after the gig some people were really fascinated by their sound. It’s a small step for sludge but it seemed quite big at the moment. 😉

And there’s a nice lake in Michalovce …

Oh, and we tried to shoot a heavy metal video by the lake. Maybe you’ll be able to see it in the future. Or maybe you won’t.

Our final destination was Bardejov. We met a great band Sound of Qualm over there and the gig was just perfect for the end of the tour. People were going crazy and they even carried Hopsy on their hands. Yes they did … Yes …

They had My Will on their jukebox and someone screamed: “This is the song!” when they started playing it.

We were all really excited to end the tour with such an amazing concert.  Bum, bam, pinjav!

Yes, it was an amazing tour and we’re looking forward to the next one. Be prepared! And good night.