Well the band returned to Maribor on 4th March, but probably you noticed that, as they we’re already busy with shows, posting photos to Facebook, interviews, drinking … 😉

The tour was pretty much awesome, respect and love to all the organizers and people who came to the shows (now we sound like hippies). It was of course amazing to see all the cities and bringing the album 1000 mest to different countries. So much happened, it’s hard to describe and even remember everything but it was good 14 days of fun. Slovenian start was a blast. Full house (Gala hala) in Ljubljana, an amazing gig in Maribor (well that’s what the band says) and Sevnica. Sevnica was strange. Something between a carnaval, pub party and … and then Czech Republic! From a wild night in Brno, math-rock concert with two French bands (The Forks & Totorro) in Budweiss, amazing attendance  in Halle (and eggs in the morning!), friendly night in Berlin, to amazing people in Ilmenau.

FULL HOUSE IN LJUBLJANA (Gala hala), foto: A. K.


And then Amsterdam with Zea (Arnold thanks again for everything!), Haag (like we said before, this was a tour in a tour), Gent and Antwerpen (Cold Shoulders style) and Switzerland! Chexbres is without doubt beautiful, amazing and a great place to drink wine and make fondue. The last three days in Italy were again stressful (scooters!) but still very very nice. Genova, Mateo, Italian food and the concert in a small theater resulted in a video. Treviso was a freaky experience and Trieste  a fast one. As we came, had a look, slice of pizza, played and went on the road again.

SEASIDE! (Haag), foto: A. K.


Bands keep on touring, venues keep on booking, people keep on coming!

We sent a little postcard to Racooncore from the tour and there’s  cool interview on (read if you understand Slovenian, otherwise check out the pics from the tour etc.)

MAKO IN SWITZERLAND, foto: A. K. & HALLE GOES ME(N)TAL, foto: Goran Jovanović