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ŠKM bandaAlbum Panontikon (2014)

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– Among Slovenian bands that have emerged in the last decade, the quartet ŠKM banda from Prekmurje region can without exaggeration be labeled as one of the uniques. We could search for genres that influenced their instrumental music of their previous works in jazz, post-rock, ethno, noise and folk music, but would always have to conclude that this band defies clear-cut genre definitions and mixes up the musical worlds.


– The beginning of the band goes back into the year 2000, when the original band members met for the first time and in 2003 they named themselves after a local hero from the 2nd World War, Štefan Kovač – Marko.


– They released their latest album Panontikon in 2014 under KAPA Records.



Patentat (2005)

Šamar Janka (2008)

Izštekani (live) (2010)
Rdeči (2011)
Panontikon (2014)


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