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Coma Stereo is a Slovenian (trans)galactic 4-piece unit. Harboured in Maribor’s cultural centre Pekarna and on many stages across Balkan and Europe. There are 3 full length albums under their belts, recorded at the analogue Kramasonik studio in Zagreb. A powerfull rhythm section, floating guitar sounds and spacey synth oscillations.


The Slovenian space rock 4-piece originally comes from Maribor and was started in 2004. The band took one year to create its sound and later played a handful of their first shows shows with a few opening slots for bands such as The Silver Mt. Zion Orchestra and Tralala Band, Damo Suzuki, etc. Besides residing in the Gustaf concert hall in the cultural centre Pekarna in Maribor, they also established their own DIY record label/booking organisation called Solar Pulse Music with which they still organize concerts up to this day.


In the summer of 2006 Coma Stereo went into the studio to record their first full length in Zagreb, Croatia, with producing duties helmed by Hrvoje Nikšić of Tena Novak. In fall the guys started their first European tour – 21 shows in Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland and England.


The first half of 2007 featured a mini tour through Serbia and the release of the band’s first single, the 20 minute song »I can Programme myself whenever I want to« released on the Italian label Marsiglia Records, later followed by shows with Cul de Sac and Sleepytime Gorilla Museum.


The second half of 2007 saw the heavily delayed release of their first full length entitled »Binary Endings« and a 3-week European tour starting in September and going through most of western/central Europe. The tour featured live presentations of new material and sharing stages with Experimental Dental School, 31 Knots and Zea. Coma Stereo  was also invited to join Radio Student’s Club Marathon (Klubski Maraton), which gave them wider exposure in Slovenia. In July 2008, the band taped their second full length at Kramasonik Studios in Zagreb with Hrvoje Nikšić.


The band went on a mini tour in fall 2008 with 31 Knots, and later went on their own 2-week long tour which led them through the Balkan area, all the way from Macedonia to Slovenia. In April 2009 Coma Stereo released their second album entitled Transgalaktika, on Solar Pulse Music. A 3-week tour followed trough Western Europe and a 2-week tour across the Balkan area.


The year 2010 began with writing new material and playing a bunch of shows across Slovenia, followed by another European tour in September this time visiting eastern and central Europe. The end of 2010 saw the release of full length albums by the bands side projects Nina Bulatovix and Dinozaver. In December, Pekarna released the compilation Gustaf Hits with 3 brand new tracks by Coma Stereo (and a bunch of collaborations and material from the bands other side projects and bands who reside and work in the Gustaf hall). Coma Stereo recorded their third album entitled 1000 mest (eng. 1000 cities) in July 2011 with Hrvoje Nikšić, and released it on 16. 2. 2012 through KAPA Records, followed by a longer European tour.


Discography: 1000 mest (Kapa Records, 2012) – Transgalaktika (Solar Pulse Music, 2008) – Binary Endings (Solar Pulse Music, 2007) – I Can Programme Myself Whenever I want to (Marsiglia Records, 2007)


REVIEWS (1000 mest):


MLADINA (slo) 4/5

ODZVEN (slo)

MMC (RTV Slo) (slo) 4/5



ROCKLINE (slo) 4,9/5


TV VEČER (slo) 4/5

13. BRAT (slo)

TERAPIJA.NET (cro) 8/10

MUZIKA.HR (cro) 4/5


LUKINZINE.SE (swe) 7/10

BABYBLAUE (de) 10/15




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