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Known as the pioneers of stoner sound in Slovenia, Carnaval have been demolishing stages for more than a decade, with their first demo Slap in Your Face being released in 2005. Successful participation in Slovenian concert tour Klubski maraton 2007 saw them significantly broaden their audiences and after another two years they released their first full length album, titled Carnaval 2, soon followed by Carnaval 1.


Through the years their formation changed a few times, flowing between a trio and a quartet, but regardless they have always maintained the reputation of a must-see live band that never disappoints, further establishing that with their third release Tennis Football Basketball. Fearless foursome is following an endless mission to explore and push the boundaries of various genres and blending them into a powerful mix of melancholy and rawness. People don’t say they sound like a local band and with all due respect to the local environment, this is without a doubt a huge compliment.


And what are our favourite stoners up to today? They released Miss Universe in December 2016 via KAPA Records and it brings a mean, guitar-driven wall of sound and packs a sweet stoner punch, just like it’s supposed too! Of course the beast is now hungry for live shows, so be sure to catch them around!


Carnaval are: Ažo (guitars & vocals), Vičo (guitars), Mato (drums), Sacco (drums)



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